On FreeBSD 11.2

Today I’d like to review an OS I recently switched to. I switched from OpenBSD 6.3 to FreeBSD 11.2. You’re probably wondering why I would do that, right? Well, to be honest, it was purely because I wanted to try out a few applications I wouldn’t be able to on OpenBSD. Anyways, lets get into the heart of the matter:

  1. FreeBSD has Bhyve! I’ve wanted to try Bhyve for a while, and OpenBSD’s VMM wasn’t working for me. Whenever I tried it, the machine would always hang. Now, I don’t know if it will hang on the same machine, but never say never!
  2. FreeBSD has ZFS! Yeah, I’ve wanted to try this out too. Now I tried some of it out with jails in TrueOS, but for some reason TrueOS messed everything up for me by trying to do things automagically. I would personally rather due system updates myself and scan the log messages and everything. Also Lumina wasn’t to my liking, but I think that’s because it needed a better graphics card than my machine had. Back to ZFS, I think it’s pretty awesome what it can do, although I suppose it can’t do much using only 1 drive, like my machine has. Regardless, I wanted to see how it would hold up with long-term use.
  3. FreeBSD has jails! Jails, yeah, it seems like a cool concept. I also never got to try this out(the regular way). I would like to learn how to use the jails for system security, so I think I’ll start learning with the package ezjail(Unless that’s been deprecated).
  4. FreeBSD has PF! Well, OpenBSD has a better PF, but it’s just nice that both systems have it. I just wish FreeBSD would update their version to the current OpenBSD version.

Now that we’ve covered the positives, lets cover the negatives compared to OpenBSD 6.3:

  1. OpenBSD’s httpd is awesome. FreeBSD needs something like this in base in my opinion. NetBSD has a lightweight httpd in base as well, based on bozohttpd.
  2. OpenBSD’s VMM’s syntax is so simple compared to bhyve. I think Bhyve could stand to be less like Qemu and more like VMM.
  3. As said above, the PF version is behind.
  4. I would say that the installer has improved, but it’s still not as simple as OpenBSD’s.

All of these opinions are my opinions, btw, and I would say that currently I am just a simple user of the software for each system. I would like to become a BSD dev, but I would say that such thing is beyond my current abilities. So take the above as you will!

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